We invite you to the Forest Dweller Retreat At Vaidyagrama – learning to make the Vanaprastha period of our life meaningful- with guidance from our Ayurveda and Yoga Masters- Dr Robert Svoboda, Dr Claudia Welch, Ms Rose Baudin and Dr Ramkumar.

Please visit www.ayurvedaconference.com for more details. Most of our delegates who have registered so far have combined the retreat with Panchakarma at vaidyagrama either before or after the retreat..

We await to welcome you!! write to geetha@ayurvedaconference.com for any questions.

Through yoga and other remedial measures, we will explore supporting health of the sense organs.

December 1 – 5, 2022, Coimbatore, South India
Dr. Robert Svoboda & Dr. Claudia Welch, Dr. Ramkumar & Rose Baudin.

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