We need your support

Second wave of corona is creating havoc and is affecting everyone in India.

We are continuing our support to the community in the best possible way.
However, for more than a year we are only having a limited number of patients and thus we have lost our main funding source for our care work.

We ask you for your help so we can provide food for our local community who have no other way of living.

Corona Crisis

The pandemic doesn’t seem to end .
We are praying fervently to keep every one safe.

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Donation Total: $20.00 for 10

Our staff is working 50% in two rotating groups so everyone can have a small income. As anyone can imagine keeping up supporting the community and projects is almost impossible without your help!

Vaidyagrama patients are the main donors for the community development activities. Since there are only few patients, donations have dwindled but we are committed to support the community who have no other way of living.

Hence we seek the support of the global community to support the local community so that a balance is maintained on earth where the haves will help the have-nots to sustain in the midst of calamity.

Care In the Time of Corona

Some advice from our Ayurveda Vaidyas

In this challenging and uncertain Corona era, we at vaidyagrama wish to reassure all family/friends/patients/ well wishers across the globe, that healing must and will be from within you.., and we are with you!

You have seen all statistics and logistics about how Corona comes and conquers… Our effort should now be to have a strong mind & body to face life full on, and thus teach the inspiring lesson of resilient awareness for even generations to come.

Your vaidyas at vaidyagrama suggest these tips for you & all with you:

  • Add all available, natural, immune building food substances like Gooseberry, Orange, Guava, Ginger, Mustard, Carrot, Spinach, Turmeric powder, Basil/ Tulsi leaves in your diet.
  • Cook and have fresh and warm food.
  • Keep digestion happy, with light and easily digestible food.
  • Gargle with warm salt water twice daily.
  • Do steam inhalation once daily.

  • Coriander seeds decoction is good for you…and so is Guduchi.
  • Undertake various activities for 30-45 minutes, then get up and move and change activity.
  • It’s a good time to learn about Self and Consciousness from books, podcasts etc. Something that sets you into the reflective / introspective mode. Now we have all the time in the world to be with ourselves, to look after ourselves.
  • Follow the ayurveda daily discipline (dinacarya).
  • Along with physical hygiene, initiate a spiritual cleansing by Connecting with the Divine!

Serving meal to elders in Corona times

We could not do this without your support!

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